FoodHQ is centrally located

Most of the members of the FoodHQ Family are located within a one kilometer radius in Palmerston North, on the North Island of New Zealand. Easily accessible by air from throughout the country and is less than two hours drive from Wellington, the nation’s capital.

Palmerston North and the wider Manawatū Region are bordered by the Tararua and Ruahine mountain ranges, spectacularly divided by the Manawatū Gorge. North of the city is an ever changing world of dramatic, steep hill country bounded by rivers, sea and ranges with big skies that constantly change. The diverse landscape and strong pastoral farming heritage have naturally led the city and FoodHQ partners to develop a globally respected science and research base in food innovation.

The city provides an attractive place for industry to grow, with a flexible, talented and abundant labour pool and a lifestyle that offers a full range of outstanding social, cultural and recreational opportunities.

Some of its benefits include:

  • A safe and connected community, with affordable housing
  • A family-friendly lifestyle with a suite of cultural and recreational facilities
  • Shorter commute times
  • Lower operational costs than those in other main centres
  • A well-educated workforce
  • Abundant labour pool including full and part-time workers
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure
  • Innovative solutions for the sustainable management of resources

Palmerston North is a central hub for more than one-million people. As host to New Zealand’s most innovative university, Massey University, the city boasts a vibrant and diverse community with an affordable and balanced lifestyle.

Palmerston North has strengths in education, a central location ideal for distribution and logistics, and a lifestyle that affords a work/life balance that is second-to-none. With the support of business groups, industry partners and local government, the city’s business-friendly policies and practices are designed to help grow ambition and capability – while easing the transition for new investors.

Economic sectors expected to contribute the most to future employment growth during the next 25 years are professional, scientific and technical services, logistics (transport, warehousing, and wholesale trade), healthcare, retailing, food services and accommodation, and public administration and safety.

With a proud tradition of enterprise and innovation, Palmerston North is a gateway to knowledge, a growing cosmopolitan centre and the connected hub of New Zealand’s North Island.


The name ‘Manawatū’ is derived from two Māori words, Manawa and tū. Manawa refers to the heart – tū describes something that has come to a halt. The ancestor Hau uttered the words “ka tū taku manawa” meaning ‘my heart stands still” at the sight of the awesome Manawatū River.

Learn more about Palmerston North City and the Manawatū Region.


New Zealand is centrally located

New Zealand is well-served by international flights. The east coast of Australia is a quick 3.5 hour flight and most destinations in Asia Pacific including Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong can be reached in 10 hours. Travel to North and South America takes 12 hours.