Food safety and assurance

Caretakers of New Zealand’s Reference Lab for Meat Microbiology

AgResearch delivers the science support required to protect New Zealand’s access to export markets and demonstrate regulatory equivalance. AgResearch is responsible for the Meat Industry Microbiology Methods manual, validation and auditing current microbiological methods. In support of industry it also carrys out training for microbiological sampling on meat processing plants.

ESR – doing what no one else can

ESR can manage the tests that no one else – resulting in an unrivalled ability to advise on and solve the unpredicted and the unexpected. We have sole access to a suite of International Gold Standard tests that can help identify food safety risks involving:

  • · Botulism organisim and toxin types
  • · Nitrate and nitrite testing
  • · Norovirus, adenovirus, rotavirus and other viruses
  • · Rapid Campylobacter analysis
  • · Toxigenic E.coli identification and confirmation
  • · Illegal fat soluble synthetic colourings
  • · Identification of milk proteins in “non-milk” products
  • · “Radiation Free” export certification.