Plant & Food Research has the largest sensory and consumer science research group in the Southern Hemisphere.

Understanding consumer behaviour allows companies to develop products that specifically appeal to the requirements of a target audience. Sensory and consumer science includes the most comprehensive methods of measuring human perceptions and behaviour to understand consumer consumption habits and decision-making.
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Reinventing the global food safety system.

Safe food is of critical importance to public health, trade, market access and, ultimately, poverty alleviation. History has shown food safety crises result from systematic failures that cannot be solved by firms, governments or international agencies alone. When the World Bank wanted innovative thought leadership to reinvent the current food safety capacity and practices across the developing world, it approached us. The Global Food Safety Partnership features a contemporary open source model that enables people, firms, NGOs and governments to share best practice and improve food safety systems across developing countries and regions; it is supported by public and private donors.

Massey University leads a global three-year initiative and brings expert knowledge in agribusiness, strategy, international rural development, distance learning and food safety to the project.