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Opinion: Disruption and Opportunity in Food and Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts that nearly 10 billion people will live on this planet by 2050, and recent studies are showing that we will need to produce 70 percent more food to keep up with the population growth. “Major transformations in business as usual food science, agricultural systems, rural economies, and natural […]

Free Public Talk

Protein! It’s the powerhouse nutrient for the body. But when it comes to the best nutritional bang for buck, which is better—animal or plant sourced? It’s a hot topic today with the growing trend in plant-based diets. Professor Teresa Ann Davis (Professor of Pediatrics, USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine) cuts through […]

Work to begin on cutting-edge new food research facility

A new food research facility supporting the future of New Zealand’s exports has reached an important milestone, with a contractor appointed and the construction process to start next week. The $45m Food Science Facility for FoodHQ Partners AgResearch and Massey University will accommodate about 140 staff and students from the two organisations as well as […]

Opinion: The future of food by Dr Tom Richardson

The future of food – especially the emergence of “synthetic foods” and what this might mean for New Zealand as a major food producer – has certainly been prominent in media and BBQ conversations this summer. As a science organisation dedicated to growing the value of New Zealand’s agri-food sector, FoodHQ Partner AgResearch is highly […]

New beef product could spark new industry

FoodHQ Partner Massey University is investigating whether the dairy industry has the potential to drive a new class of beef product by rearing bobby calves who would ordinarily be sent to slaughter. The dairy industry currently needs to produce calves to maintain milk production, but while a proportion of the females are retained as herd […]