We are New Zealand’s Food and Beverage Headquarters

FoodHQ is the food and beverage industry’s gateway to more than 2200 scientists from eight internationally recognised research and innovation organisations in New Zealand.

We facilitate connections between business and our partners to support the development of value-added products, partnerships and business growth. Our partners share information, consult on capacity and investments and strategically align capability, resource and infrastructure.

FoodHQ aims to grow New Zealand’s reputation in food and beverage innovation through science based development of value-added products that are valued by customers. Our partners have the resources and leadership to build and maintain international links, recruit and retain top talent and responsibly manage New Zealand’s resources for a sustainable future while serving the international food industry.

In 2015, FoodHQ launched the FoodHQ Innovation Club with the support of AGMARDT and in conjunction with the ANZ Bank. The FoodHQ Innovation Club seeks to help food and beverage companies tackle the multiple challenges associated with innovating their products and businesses to meet consumer demands in New Zealand and overseas.

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Plate of Origin

FoodHQ is proud to partner with Plate of Origin during the NZAgrifood Investment Week.